Vehicle Fuel Level Sensor


SOJI ELECTRONICS, a member of SOJI GROUP  OF COMPANIES has experienced engineers that used to be part of New Product Research and Development Department of SOJI GROUP established in 2012. This company implemented successfully some projects like Robot, Automatic Rescue Device, Fuel Level Sensor… In the middle of 2015, Executive Board of SOJI GROUP decided to separate Research and Development Department into a new company which ran independently with the major fields being the research and production of electronic device, sensors…

To reduce time for research, development and testing process,  SOJI ELECTRONICS signed transfer of technology cooperation and production contract with SOJI GLOBAL CORPORATION in researching and manufacturing fuel level sensor.  SOJI ELECTRONICS specializes in fuel level sensor research and development for domestic market and export to other countries in the area. Our solution brings benefit to fleet owner to boost efficiency of fuel management especially in circumstance of massive increase in oil price.

To achieve these goals, we co-operated tightly with leading GPS Tracker over the world to make greatest compability. In 2019, SOJI and TELTONIKA participated a workshop to demonstrate the advantage of a fuel management system with a combination between TELTONIKA-SOJI.


We have engineers who are experienced, active and relentless creative. We are proud  of  successfully manufacturing products, to illustrate: Automatic Rescuer Device ARD three phase, Rescue Elevator 48VDC-72VDC, elevator control cabinet …, all of which exported to major markets such as the US, Thailand, and the Middle East countries …
Until now, we launch a new product namely SOJI fuel level sensor. We hope to develop globally a product of SOJI brand- the best quality product.


At Soji GROUP , we maximize the creative spirit and a commitment to the environment and society to contribute better benefits for society , for humanity and for the Earth , but not limited to business development and profitable growth . Lisa wants to become a contributor to the development of sustainable and good for customers , employees and society. Our commitments in a work environment and a healthy business of the company , the staff collective , social activity with the community to contribute more to the development of society. Each year , a portion of profits and Lisa’s effort to make the social and surrounding communities a better place.

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